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Welcome to a new opportunity to engage with the preachers of St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church in Troy, MI.  The idea is that early in the week (I hope on Mondays, though sometimes it might be later), the preacher will post the main ideas from the previous weekend’s sermon.

If you were there to hear it, this is an opportunity to give feedback and continue a conversation about the Bible text we tackled. How has it connected with your life?  If you missed the live presentation, you can get a sense of what was said and reflect on those ideas and others that you read. Again, your comments are welcome and encouraged.

Why are we trying this? We know that some days it’s hard to focus during church, and the sermon starts to resemble Charlie Brown’s teacher: “Blah blah, blah blah-blah-blah.”  Or, your child (or your neighbor’s) caused a major distraction and you missed a big chunk of what was said.  Or maybe you were really intrigued – or you really disagreed – and you want to let us know.

This ‘blog might also be a way to let friends and co-workers know about St Stephen’s and the type of sermon they’re likely to hear. (Hopefully, you’re sharing because you liked it!) In any case, Welcome and don’t forget to comment on what you find here – “Leave a Reply.” I hope you will!

Faithfully spreading the Word —

(The Rev.) Susan Anslow Williams, Rector


Keep in touch!


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